7 Wedding Disasters to Troubleshoot in Advance

Yep, you read that title right. Disasters CAN happen... even with the most experienced wedding planner, photographer, venue/ceremony location, etc. What if you forgot to try on your dress the month before and suddenly the day of your wedding you have a rip in the seam? Crazier things have happened. On two separate occasions, I have had to sew a friend into a dress (because there was no other option 10 minutes before they had to hit the aisle) and another friend forgot to get a bustle put into her dress so everyone was stepping and ripping her train during the reception. LUCKILY, I was there to help out and fix the issues BEFORE they got worse. That is the great thing about hiring a wedding planner... they think of the disasters so you don't have to!

Now, for the 7 wedding disasters that your experienced wedding planner can make sure you plan for before the big day!

No. 1: Wardrobe Malfunctions

Problem: Unfortunately, they happen. What if a zipper breaks or a seam rips? Or god-forbid someone accidentally step on the train of your dress and rip it. I once had a bride that used gel stick-on-boobs for her dress and one popped - gel went everywhere ruining the bodice of her gown. (I can't make this up, people!) Luckily, I was there cut off her bodice and wrap her up in some white fabric.

Solution: Hiring a wedding planner is key because they always, I repeat ALWAYS have an emergency kit with them. Mine is equipped with tulle or other white/off-white fabric, candles, matches, a sewing kit, extra buttons, safety-pins and much, much more. You never know when you are going to have to sew someone into their dress on their wedding day! I can not stress enough how important it is to have a wedding planner that can keep you calm and centered on one of the most stressful days!

A wedding planner can help troubleshoot with you before your big day. That way you have nothing to worry about.

No. 2: Vendor Not Showing Up/Cancelling Last Minute

Problem: What if a vendor doesn't show up on the day of your wedding? Or a vendor cancels on you the week before?

Solution: Do you have the inside scoop and tons of friends in the wedding industry? Probably not. This is another thing that DOES happen. I know, you hope that everyone is perfect and professional and would never forget your day but, sadly, mistakes happen. They are often so innocent too. My best friend from college got married (totally different person than above story) and she called me TWO days before her wedding reception... the cake that she thought she had scheduled NEVER got her check so the vendor thought she cancelled. So, I called around to every cake person I knew and got her a nut-free cake the day before her wedding.

Wedding planners know other vendors in the industry, they can call a friend or colleague and fix the issue promptly with little to no stress for the bride.

No. 3: Transportation Issues

Problem: What if you are waiting on your car service or limo and they never show? How will you get to the reception or leave after your exit?

Solution: Wedding planners call every single vendor the week before your wedding to confirm when and where they will be. The likelihood of the car service not showing up drops to like 2% from 30%. Mistakes do happen, just like above. Luckily, I have never had issues with transportation with any of my lovely brides!

No. 4: Vendor Screwed Up

Problem: Much like the cake situation, what if a vendor messes up such as the DJ's computer dying and he forgot the charger or the linens showed up and it was the wrong color? What do you do when you have to walk down the aisle, change and get ready for your big entrance into the reception?

Solution: Yet again, your wedding planner, PLANS FOR THESE SITUATIONS. I know, it is crazy to think that one person can make sure so many things go right, but it is our job! It is what we live for. Luckily, if any vendor messes up something your wedding planner can jump in and save the day. (I might as well wear a cape on all my couples wedding days. 😉 ) In all honestly, this is what you are paying your wedding planner for - to jump in and fix anything that goes array so you and your family don't have to.

No. 5: Bad Weather

Problem: Bad weather can happen, no matter how good of a team you and your wedding planner are, neither of you can predict a rainstorm at 3 pm when you are suppose to walk down the aisle and marry the love of your life at 4 pm.

Solution: Your wedding planner will work with you and the venue to make sure you have a back-up plan in place and make sure there is enough seating for all of your guests so they don't have to be smooshed into a corner because no-one thought about planning a back-up scenario in case of bad weather. :) They will also make sure you have plenty of umbrellas for you and your guests/bridal party if bad weather shows up in the forecast.

No. 6: Dying Flowers

Problem: What? Dying flowers? And not because the florist delivered them and they looked dead to begin with... flowers are delicate... and need to be cared for because as soon as they are cut to be made into your gorgeous bouquet they technically start to die. I know, it's very tragic and sad!

Solution: One super simple thing that most brides and brides-tribes don't think about is simply putting the waters in a vase with some water when they are not being used. Again, such a simple fix but it will do wonders for your bouquet, esp if you plan to preserve it after your big day. Luckily, your wedding planner can make sure you set it in the water vase or hold it for you while you are adjusting for photos, hugging people, taking photos with family, etc.

And last but not least...

No. 7: Timeline Getting Disrupted/Off-Track

Problem: What if the ceremony lasts longer than you anticipated or there is traffic from the ceremony to the venue and you will be later than expected by the DJ? (This one truly makes me cringe!)

Solution: Wedding planners are not wizards, so unfortunately we don't have a Time-Turner (like Hermione Granger , any HP fans out there?) but we can adjust accordingly, luckily, if something unstoppable delays the schedule/timeline we have carefully planned and coordinated for you we are super flexible and can make sure the DJ knows NOT to announce you at exactly 6:04 pm. We are the go-between for you, your family and all the vendors on the day of.

At the end of the day, any seasoned wedding planner is going to have YOUR best interest and make sure that everything, from the moment you say "I-Do" to the send-off is planned to P E R F E C T I O N.

This is just the beginning of what hiring an experienced wedding planner can do for your wedding day. I hope you found this information valuable and will save it and refer to it when you begin planning your dream wedding.

Have you started planning your big day? Leave any comments or questions below or dish about a wedding disaster you have heard of!

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